You Deserve A Dester

Conceived in Singapore and consumed globally, Dester was founded with a vision to brew the freshest beer, using only premium hops and the finest quality malt. Its distinctively smooth finish makes it the perfect choice to quench your thirst.

Singapore is a dynamic, multi-racial, multi-cultural society, and is also known as a place where east meets west. The brand was born in this cosmopolitan nation, where the traditions handed down through generations are combined with modernity and technology. Dester takes pride in radiating this unique sense of spirit in our beer.

In a hectic world, serving people from all walks of life, Dester is your reward to unwind and cap off the day. Take a break and catch some breath, because you deserve a Dester.

Best served chilled at 4⁰C, it is a great beer choice to go alongside with many cuisines.

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